Frequently Asked Questions
Membership Questions
How do I change information on my Membership?

Please fill out and return to The Association a Membership Change Form for any changes to name, firm or contact information. There is a 50 dollar transfer fee for transferring firms. This will be billed to the firm. Remember, this form needs to be signed by your broker. If you are transferring firms we need your current and former broker’s signature.

I am a member of another Association.  What are my membership options at the Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS®? 

You may join as a Secondary REALTOR® member or as an MLS Only Participant.  The main difference is Secondary REALOR® members are members of The Association and are able to take advantage of all our member benefits.  Where as an MLS Only Participant is not a member.  They can only access The Association’s MLS and must pay for any additional services such as education and networking opportunities offered by The Association.

I was a former member. Can I rejoin with a reduced rate? What is the time frame for reinstating?

If you join within 6 months of your termination date there is simply a 50 dollar reinstatement fee plus any prorated dues you may have missed during your absence. Between a year and 6 months you must pay all the entrance fees like a new member, however you are not required to take New Member Orientation. After a year, you must join as a new member.

Am I required to join? Does everyone at my company have to join as well?

If you currently work at a firm who is a member, or under a broker who is a member, you are required to join. Every licensed agent at your company is required to be a member.

When do I need to join?

You have 30 days from when your license is active with the state, or is transferred to a firm that is a current member. If you fail to apply with in those 30 days there will be a late application fee. You may, however, apply before your license is issued.

Does my Broker need to sign my Application

Yes. As an agent, you need a broker’s signature for all forms. Your application, New Member Orientation form, and Member Change Form all require a broker’s signature.

What membership opportunities does GLAR have/offer?

You may join the Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS® as a Primary or Seconday Designated REALTOR®, as a Primary or Secondary REALTOR®, as an Affiliate Member, an MLS Only Participant or an Unlicensed MLS Office Assistant.

How much does membership cost?

The initial fee to join is prorated depending on the month you join. Call The Association for more precise information regarding fees.

What is the difference between a Life Member and an Emeritus REALTOR®?

Life Membership is obtained after 35 years of consecutive or 40 years of cumulative membership with the Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS®. Life Members are exempt from local dues. Emeritus REALTOR® membership is obtained through NAR (The National Association of REALTORS®) after 40 years of consecutive membership. Emeritus REALTORS® are exempt from local, state and national dues and are only responsible for the monthly MLS fees.

What is the difference between a Primary and Secondary Member?

An individual is a Primary Member if The Association pays State and National dues based on such Member. An individual is a Secondary Member if State and National dues are paid through another Board/Association.

Can I have my license in a holding company and be a Unlicensed MLS Office Assistant?

No. In order to be an Unlicensed MLS Office Assistant you must be unlicensed. This means you can’t have an active license whether you actively practice real estate or not. You must either return your license to the state or join as a REALTOR® member.

What if I’m a current REALTOR® member and want to become a Designated REALTOR®?

Once you update your license with the state from a salesperson to a Broker you can apply at The Association. You will be required to fill our a DR application and pay a DR upgrade fee. Call The Association for more information.

I cannot attend the first New Member Orientation. Will I be penalized for missing it?

You must complete the course in the first or second opportunity available from when you first apply. If it is not completed with in the first two attempts, there will be a 50 dollar late fee.